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TBC Club Newsletter – Sept 2016

Officers: President - Joe Hudgins
Vice- President – Tom West
Secretary - Tibby Rose
Treasurer - Bobbie Sigmund
Show Chairman – Karen Hanson
Board of Directors: Don Tellock, Marty Nelson, Karen Hanson

Monthly Meeting Highlights:

TBC meets on the second Tuesday of each month. We will use the Free Conference Call number for all meetings. Call (641) 715-3580 access code 793-647. ***Please NOTE this is a NEW phone number** Members online for the Sept meeting were: Tom West, Bobbie Sigmund, Joe Hudgins, Stewart and Kathy Shannon.

MINUTES OF SERP MONTHLY MEETING TBC and other Clubs Event Schedule:
Oct 8 - 9 NVBC Hunt Test, Dillwyn, VA
Nov 4 - 6 NVBC Field Trial, Dillwyn, VA
Nov 12-13 Tarheel WFT Strawsn Farms, NC
Jan 13-16 Tarheel FT, Hoffman, NC
Jan 19- 22 SEBC FT, Hoffman, NC
Feb 14-16 ABC Tarheel Gun Dog Cl/Ch, Dick Cross WMA, VA
Feb 22- 24 TBC HFT, Dick Cross WMA, VA
Mar 18 – 19 TBC HT, Dick Cross WMA, VA .

Paid $150.00 to the Friends of Dick Cross to rent a mulcher to open up more areas for field trial courses. TBC Field Trial: Horseback Field Trial will held on Feb 22, 23, & 24, 2017 at Dick Cross WMA, South Hill, VA. Grounds are secured. This will be an all breed horseback field trial again. .

TBC Hunt Test: Dates for 2017 are March 18 and 19 at Dick Cross WMA, VA. Grounds are secure.

TBC Fun Trial: Discussion was tabled.

TBC Specialty Show: . Specialty Show was on May 28, 2016 in Hampton, VA. Laura Scott Gregory was our sweepstakes judge and she enjoyed every minute in the ring.. We had 21 entries, up from last year 2015. The grooming Brittany only area was large enough and had electricity which was great. Karen Hanson did the trophies and they were wonderful. Everyone had a great time.

Good and Welfare: Everyone is good.

Ways & Means: We have a supply of orange TBC T-Shirts. Prices for members: $ 22.00 (S – M – L – XL) add $ 2.00 for nonmembers $ 24.00 (XXL – XXXL) add $ 2.00 for nonmembers Caps: $ 25.00 add $ 2.00 for non-members *****Inventory of hats & T-shirts 2 orange caps & 6 blue & white caps Orange t-shirts = 1-sm, 1-med, 1-lg, 2-XL, 3- 2XL, 4-3XL Contact Kat to purchase any of these.

Tidewater Brittany Rescue: Inquiries have been made regarding dogs on PetFinder. Petfinder has been updated as of 11-12-14 Look for TBR at www.petfinder.org/shelters/VA405.

Breeder Referral: Bobbie Sigmund has a litter of puppies due the middle of Oct. Contact Bobbie for further information. Dual prospects.

VA Federation of Dog Clubs: Recent meeting Breeders guide is online, but may not in the future. Calendars are for sale. There was talk about doing the monthly meetings by phone conference call, but will still have the banquet for members in Nov. New possible legislation.if you have over 50 breeding dogs then you must have a commercial license. VA Tech is doing studies for health concerns dogs. Check out this internet site www.CenterForPetSafety.org. Please visit the VFDCB's blog at http://www.virginiafederation.org/blog/ for the latest developments!

Old Business: None. Club Business: There will be no club meetings in July or August but will resume in September.

New Business: Friends of Dick Cross have raised their day fee for the use of Dick Cross WMA to $60.00 per day. AFTCA wants club to still pay a fee to be a member, but now also wants every person to become a member to be eligible for a certificate if their dogs places at an AFTC sanctioned field trial.

Next club meeting is Oct 11, 2016 at 7 p.m. PLEASE NOTE DATE and mark your calendars!!!

Annual Membership Dues are $50 with ABC magazine or $6 for associate. Send your renewals to Bobbie L. Sigmund, 2631 S. Jim Minor Road, Mebane, NC 27302- 9295 payable to ABC. *** Or you can renew your membership directly online through the ABC website http://clubs.akc.org/brit/. Clink on tab for membership, then look for renewal and click, and follow steps to pay online.

Membership due to expire: Sept 2016 – Joy Thompson Nov 2016 – Miriam Van Hook

Tidewater Brittany Member Brags and Announcements:

Kathy Shannon: August 19 Kat & Hope went to Courtland UKC Show & got a Group One. Candy completed her Canadian CH Now she is back in the field trials. We went to Canada to run dogs in Field Dog Tests. Hope completed her Field Dog Junior.title. Belle had a bad bracemate.The GSP was eating birds. And, he was supposed to be doing FDX Same as MH with Water retrieve. So unfortunately she could not back him. Next year we hope to go back up & get her last qualifying score. Kat went to NC -UKC shows & Hope got 6 BOBs & a Group Two Sally had fun with the Junior Handlers. She had a 6 yr.old showing her. And, did a great job., almost won. Special at 13 yrs.old started her new title.She qualified in Rally One & got Fourth in class. ALSO, Kat went to NJ to a UKC show. Sally completed her UKC Grand CH. Now ALL of Kats' Brittanys are UKC Grand Ch.

Quote of the Month: “Happiness is a warm puppy.” —Charles M. Schulz (cartoonist, Peanuts

Dog Tip: If you need to force your dog to throw up after they have eaten something that is not safe for them follow this suggestion: Per vet, in a small cup place 3 tablespoons of peroxide, open dog’s mouth, place peroxide into the dog’s mouth. Wait for 2-3 minutes, if the dog has not thrown up, repeat. Contact your vet, or take your dog to vet emergency office for further treatment.

Other Dog News: SPORTSMEN’S ALLIANCE NEWSLETTER With the balance of the Supreme Court at stake, this election will affect our constitutional rights. It is crucial that all gun owners and Second Amendment supporters register to vote, become informed about candidates' positions and on Election Day, #GUNVOTE. Don't risk your rights!

Read More Leatherman, the world’s largest manufacturer of high quality multitools (Leatherman) and LED lights (LED LENSER), has backed the Sportsmen’s Alliance mission of protecting hunting, fishing and trapping nationwide by joining the Business Partnership program at the President’s Club level. Read More

AKC NEWS Motel 6 offers a 10% nationwide discount to AKC Registrants. To receive the discount guests must reference the AKC account numberCP542764 100% of Motel 6 locations are Pet Friendly Motel 6 Does NOT Charge a Pet Fee Motel 6 Does NOT have weight limits on Pets Motel 6 has lifted the 1 pet per room restriction RESERVATIONS can be made at 800-4-MOTEL6 (800-466-8356) or with any Motel 6 property directly

Thanks to all of the clubs that routinely generate positive media coverage. If your club has an idea or success story to share, please send it to: Stephanie Smith, Club Communications Manager, American Kennel Club, 4th Floor, 260 Madison Avenue, New York, NY 10016 or send us your brag in an e-mail to communications@akc.org. We look forward to hearing from you. Sincerely, The AKC Communications Team

Tidewater Brittany Club is a member of the American Brittany Club President - Dr. Robert Rankin phone: 405-850-6513 - email: gibob56@earthlink.net 1st Vice-President - Tom Milam 2nd Vice- President – Sally Mallory 3rd Vice-President - Terry Hilliard 4th Vice- President - John Perry Secretary - Mary Jo Trimble Treasurer – Jim Brigham ABC East Coast Directors Darlene Dow 116 Reservoir Rd. Ft. Edward, NY 12828 518-409-8036 boudreaux@roadrunner.com Karen Hanson 2030 Shallow Well Rd Manakin Sabot, VA 23103 804-357-6609 hansonkrn1@aol.com Bob Fleury 377 Pendleton Hill Rd. North Stonington, CT 06359 860-535-1542 birchhillb@aol.com Visit the ABC Website & Facebook page for more information on the ABC: clubs.akc.org/brit www.facebook.com/americanbrittanyclub